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May 19, 2011


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Its an impressive blog about website traffic.....Thanks Buddy !!

Thanks I really think its important to share with others how to increase blog traffic to their site. I am glad you are happy with the content.

Social book marking can be a very good marketing tool in itself. Viral marketing campaigns can be very successful using these kinds of web services since the ranking of the bookmarked links depends on the ratings by the users.

So right- bookmarked links are good especially when the rating are high. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I'm did some social bookmarking but I never thought that it is much of a help if I do it. I guess I need to continue doing it and add it on my list.

Hello. I usually write new articles every month for my sites and have one question. Should I keep submitting these new content pages to same social bookmarking sites?

Yes continue submitting your new articles to the same sites. I would use different a keyword to link back to my site. I consider bookmarking as a way of leaving a business card on the window of a car- you would go to the same parking lot to leave a card, but you would place the card on a different car (different keyword). Good luck with your bookmarking plan.

Talk with you later.

I think bookmarking demon is really great for anyone who need to build their backlink. I recommend everyone to buy this product. IMHO :) What do you think? Thanks for your opinion.

I looked into bookmarking demon and it seems to do what it says it does. The price is a little high (expensive) for a creative business owner on a budget.

The software could also be a little much for a beginner. I recommend that a new creative internet marketer start with the basics and then move into software.

Thanks for you input.

SEO has become popular in marketing products online. It is true that using this strategy is effective for making a website more visible to SERP's. However, improving the needs for manpower and computer systems, are important too! As business owner, I want to make sure that all the software that I use us safe and of high quality. That's why I make sure that those have product certification.

I just bought a new Head bracket for my excavator. The online site that I bought it from really was selling it for a bargain. Anyway, I decided to drop by this page and indicate my support. I feel that the information on this web page is quite beneficial. It’s wonderful having websites similar to this.

Great Stuff! Thanks...


Thanks for stopping by.

I have been using Onlywire for over a year and I ma quite happy with it. I have checked that the backlinks it created are indexed by google using the 'site:' command. Most of them are indexed so you would think that they would have an effect on my SEO efforts. The Tumblr.com links also appeared high up in the list of links in Google webmaster tools. A good sign surely?

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